Video Studio

Pavilion Productions is able to provide you with a private video studio, to be set up in any location. The equipment, crew and facility for the station are provided. 

  • Over several years, we have collected and acquired a lot of professional equipment designed specifically to match your needs.
    • Sony EX3 HD cameras (x5)
    • Sony 320 HD cameras (x5)
    • Panasonic HD400A video switcher
    • Aja KiPro Master recorders (x6)
    • Vinten vision 3-10 tripods
    • Hollywood Microdolly JIB 12
    • T25 CamMate Travel Series JIB 25
    • Clear-com wired communication systems (coms)
    • Blackmagic Design HD SDI UltraScope
    • Steadicam PILOT Camera Stabilizing System
  • Our highly trained staff from all over the world are very good at what they do. With skill, talent, as well as experience, we guarantee that you will be happy with both the work that they do, as well as their attitude while working.