• Ballet Magnificat

    Ballet Magnificat, "America's premier Christian ballet company" graced the Pavilion stage with their incredible talent. 
  • Praise to Our God 4 Concert

    The Messianic Jewish Alliance successfully hosted "Praise to Our God", the fourth concert in a biennial series, this time filling the Pavilion twice in one evening.
  • Gloria Classical Concert

    For two nights, the Liturgical choir and the Israel Chamber Orchestra presented concerts called, “Evening of Glory”.
  • Messiah Classical Concert

    The Israel Chamber Orchestra accompanied the Liturgi-Kal choir presented Handel's Messiah for the Christmas season.
  • The Covenant

    The Covenant is a musical that takes you on a unique journey through time and lets you experience “first hand” the stories that have shaped the history of the Jewish People. The Covenant started being performed in the Jerusalem Pavilion in March of 2008 with weekly performances. This…
  • M’dor L’dor - Concert

    The Pavilion was full to overflowing and the concert was recorded live onto CD, and later mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winners. The concert was also recorded onto a DVD, which was filmed by local media school students and directed by a trained professional in the field.
  • Benefit Concert

    One way to raise funds for is to host a benefit concert. With the right facilities, put on a great show and raise support for the organization of your choice. 
  • Sam Spiegel Film and Television School 15th Anniversary Gala Evening

    In 2005, the school celebrated its 15 anniversary with ... the naming of the school’s street the “Sam Spiegel Alley”, and a gala evening at the Jerusalem Festival for the school’s graduates from past years, current students instructors, key persons in the industry, and…